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Five Strategies To Improve Cutting Skills

Strategy #1…..Start with proprioception input (deep pressure) to the hands using Play-Doh, kinetic sand or use a hand held hole punch. Your child can even help you prepare a snack or sandwich. Your child would have to work the intrinsic muscles of the hand to remove screw-cap lids, squeeze a container of mustard or ketchup or peel an orange. Any activity that requires your child to apply pressure to their hands is a good activity to prep their hands before cutting.

Strategy #2….Start with small tongs (you can find them at Dollar Tree). Using tongs is a prerequisite to cutting. Your child is learning how to open and close, grasp and release. Feed-The-Monkey is one popular fun game that requires the use of tongs.

Strategy #3….Start with construction paper or card-stock paper. The child has more control with thicker paper.

Strategy #4…Start with a Thumbs Up Position (thumb is on top of the paper and the remaining four fingers are underneath the paper). Kids almost always try to hold it with their thumb underneath and their four fingers on top of the paper. The thumb in the scissors should be up as well.

Strategy #5….Start with snipping the edges of the paper and then graduate to cutting a piece of paper in half. Once they’ve mastered this, start drawing thick straight lines and have them cut on the line.

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