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5 Strategies for Improved School Performance

Strategy #1: Brain Gym Exercises. There are 30 Brain Gym exercises and my favorite is the Cross Crawl. Have your child perform 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions before school or before homework. This repetitive movement of crossing midline helps to prepare the brain for learning. This exercise can be performed while sitting. So your child can do it while you’re driving them to school.

Strategy #2: Listen to binaural beats during homework. You will need headphones or earbuds because you’re listening to 2 different frequencies at the same time. I like Eric Bartel’s Youtube channel. There are many channels with this type of music so you would have to research that channel and decide if their music is legitimate.

Strategy #3: Resistive Sucking. This is achieved by using a spiraled straw. This can also be achieved by drinking a smoothie or milkshake through a regular straw. When you work the muscles of the mouth it has a calming effect on the brain and the child will demonstrate improved focus and concentration.

Strategy #4: Chewing gum (sugar-free gum is an option) can help your child stay focused and concentrate. If you think about a child that demonstrates a lot of motor overflow (their mouth is moving when they are engaged in a new or challenging task). That’s their natural way of really trying to focus. There have been studies conducted that support this correlation between chewing gum and improved performance during cognitive tasks.

Strategy #5: Extra Recess Breaks. You will likely get more quality work from your child if you give them more movement breaks. If you’re worried about stopping and then not being able to start again…use a preferred snack to lure them back to their workstations.

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