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Lavender...The Stress Reliever

I have always been a proponent of alternative and holistic therapies. I use the URPower Diffuser and therapeutic grade lavender by Radha Beauty in all of my treatment rooms. My intentions are not only to reduce the anxiety of the kidz, but also to reduce the stress of my staff. This 2 pack URPower Diffuser won’t go to waste. In my girlfriend voice: You know sometimes you’re just as stressed out as your child, so the other one can go in your room.

I’ve had my URPower Diffuser for 3 years and never had a problem. It has multiple settings for dispensing the mixture of water and oil. You can have a continuous mist or intermittent. Another special feature is the 7 color choices for lighting. It can slowly rotate through all of the colors or remain on 1 color.

It’s important to use a therapeutic grade lavender and not just any lavender scented candle or soap. My 4 oz bottle of lavender has lasted for 3 yrs using it in 2 URPower Diffusers. It’s very potent and only requires a few drops. A therapeutic grade lavender has a myriad of benefits. There are two challenges that most of my parents try to find solutions for their kidz and these are the reasons I use lavender:

  • Decrease anxiety

  • A deeper state of sleep during the night

If you prefer not to use a diffuser, try a few drops in your child’s bath water before bedtime. Taking a few deep inhales prior to a stressful event in addition to other sensory strategies can set your child up for successful outcomes. One of my parents added lavender oil to the weighted blanket she made for her son.

I prefer treating my kidz with the right type of lighting, the right type of aroma and auditory input (I like to play nursery rhymes or songs they may enjoy). I can treat any child in any area but I do find that my kidz get more out of their sessions when the environment is conducive to therapy and learning. And this is a simple way to create that environment in your own home.

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